Our Process

What is the key to creating a streamlined, smooth, on-time closing process that leaves you feeling relieved and relaxed from day one and beyond?

Communication. When you communicate your goals, I can leverage more than 9 years of expertise to help you to go beyond simply affording a home you like, to creating security, saving money, and finally getting into the home that creates the picture in your dreams.

Many people are surprised to discover that working with me is different because I cut right to the chase and save you time by opening up your options for getting qualified so you know you know the solutions available to you before planning out the next vital steps.

Step 1: Preapproval. You know you’re ready to buy, and you want the best possible interest rate to match your needs so your first step is to complete the online pre-approval application.

Step 2: Your Goals, Hopes, and Dreams. Buying a home is about far more than making an investment into your future. Most people see it as the place where you will create dreams the rest of your life. After you’ve been prequalified, we should talk about where you want to be in two years, in five years, and as your journey through life progresses because buying a home is like every other step along your journey, a step forward in the right direction.

Step 3: Laying Out a Smooth Pathway. Next, we meet up online or in person so that I can discover how to meet your unique needs, and compile everything you’ll need to see your loan process go smoothly from application to closing.

Step 4: Your Approval. Sooner than you realize you will be receiving the approval letter you need to move forward.

Step 5: Locating Your Dream, and Putting Your Plan Into Action. Now that you know what kind of timeline, and price is ideal for you it’s time to find your dream home, and put in an offer!

Step 6: Making Sure It’s Right. Once your preliminary offer is accepted your agent will order a property inspection so that you understand if you face any obstacles before making your final purchase.

Step 7: The Nitty-Gritty. Assuming that you’re realtor is able to get the seller to agree to your terms, the lender orders title commitment, appraisal, survey, and flood certification.

Step 8: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. In the meantime all you need to do is make a simple phone call with the information I give you to get your home owners insurance in order with the insurance agent if your choice. Remember to ask to be covered for the amount it will take to rebuild the house, not the cost of the house plus the land.

Step 9: Insuring You’re Ready to Close. Once you have your insurance binder, that piece of paper your home owner’s insurance agent gives you to give to your escrow officer or me, fax it to 877-649-6035.

Step 10: Keep Communicating. Remember to call and ask if you have any questions, and that I promise to update you with appraisal and survey status the moment I have more information.

Step 11: A Smooth Closing. Your day is finally here! You receive your 7 day pre-closing confirmation including any money you need to bring with you to the closing table, plus additional directions. Just show up to closing on the right day, take possession and get ready to walk into your new home with the best possible interest rate and loan scenario for your lifestyle.

Questions and Comments?