Get Home Loan Approval During the Government Shutdown

Ric Dizon bypasses government shutdown for home loan approvalWith the government shutdown, many homebuyers are wondering if it’s possible to get FHA home loan approval.  In the Aloha spirit, we’re able to give you some good news amid all the doom and gloom of the government shutdown.  Although the machinery of the FHA may be moving more slowly, I will not give up.  As my clients know, I always  go above, beyond, and around bureaucrats to make mortgage funding possible.  That’s because I know how important your home loan approval is.  I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that documents are secured and available so that your loan can close at the best rate.

It is true that the FHA is operating with a smaller staff than normal.  That means that more patience will be needed, as the processing for a home loan approval will be slower than normal.  The FHA will be able to endorse single family loans during the government shutdown, with the exception of Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) and Title I loans.

The government shutdown is presenting challenges for homebuyers and their agents.  However, if you need help with making mortgage funding possible, call me, Ric Dizon.  You’ll be amazed at what a little Aloha spirit and hard work can do when it comes to getting  home loan approval!

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