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As you sit there reading this you will find a wealth of information below, however, these facts are not meant to answer every one of your questions, just the answers you need to decide the best time to get in touch with me.

I always encourage anyone to call (562) 257-5008 or email me to find answers you need on how to get qualified for a home loan because I know that everyone’s situation is unique, and everyone like you deserves to have their goals and dreams met regardless of your situation.

Rest assured that you are in the best hand possible as nine years in business proves that the way we extend the utmost respect for every detail of your loan transaction is why people continue to choose to work with myself and iMortgage.

Q: What’s the best loan financing option for me?

Buying a home can be one of the most emotional decisions you will ever face, whether it is your first or fifth. If you are already in a home you are worried about how quickly you can sell it, at the highest gain, without worrying about paying two mortgages, while getting everything you want. Stressful, even if you have bought many homes, especially because of the changes in law this year, and in years past. If this is your first home buying experience, you may have heard that you may face many bumps in the road, which is why you realize that having answers is only beneficial if you know exactly which questions to ask yourself.

It makes more sense to hear the facts from someone else so I’d like to share something one of my long time clients says,

“The great thing about working with Ric is he’s a no pressure, no stress kind of guy. Really down to earth and naturally fun to be around. The truth is that Ric won’t sit down and tell you what you should do until he’s listened to your story which is why I continue to refer everyone I know to him to this day”.

Every situation is unique so since you are ready to buy a home I would love to sit down with you and discuss your goals so that you can make the best, informed decision that creates the lifestyle you want today and your future. Nearly ten years of expertise has taught me that it’s not about the points, or the interest rate, because those result in a drop in the bucket, it’s about your long term plan, whether this is your nest egg, or a a place to just play for a few years before settling down to begin a family. We can all agree that it’s  about getting exactly what you want without having to pay too much which all boils down to the exceptional customer service, how well I listen to your goals, and letting me know how you are feeling about the whole process when you get started by contacting me today.

Q: What if my credit isn’t perfect? How will you work with me to improve it so that I can buy a home?

Every lender has a different version of what they believe to be perfect credit, and you would be surprised how many people can qualify, when we find the right lender. It does not matter if you are just starting to build your credit, or repairing it after years of neglect, I will happily sit down with you and give you the answer you need to impress your lender and get the home you desire.

Q: How quickly can you get me approved?

While I would love to say today, and that has happened, the truth is that there are a variety of factors and questions that you want to answer before we work together to determine which loan option is the best for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out as a local singleton eager to live in the hottest area of Long Beach, growing your family, or downsizing into the beach condo you and your spouse always dreamed of, it is vital that you get approved for the right loan. As you may have heard I work with my Ku’uipo, as well as many other realtors in the area, and we all strive to deliver every valuable facet of the process so that you get into the home you want, while making a smart investment for your life now, and into your future.

Q: When can I expect to close on my home?

By now you realize that I hand pick realtors who have demonstrated the greatest success in delivery and customer service so when you close on your home you will depend most importantly on when closing works best for you, and then for the sellers, and finally the lender.  Our expert negotiation tactics can naturally allow us to adjust the process to what works best for you, so as long as you are able to provide us with the basic paperwork, we can provide the customer service to get you closed, on the date that makes the most sense for you.

Q: Should I get my preapproval before I contact a real estate agent to represent me, or make an offer on a home?

The truth is that most real estate agents in California will not give you a sideways glance until you have your preapproval letter in hand which is why so many agents refer their clients to me because I have more than nine years of expertise providing a relaxing, transparent process based on helping you to reach your goals, on your timeline, by keeping you posted and on track every step of the way.

Q: What kind of loans are the easiest to close a tight deadline?

Don’t worry because I know that your biggest concern should be getting into the home that is right for you, not wasting time researching every loan option on the market. The market has heated up allowing you to access a variety of options that may have been locked away just six short months ago.

While closing in 35 day is reasonable, we can certainly work with your agent to get you into your new home faster than you can imagine. Remember that virtually any part of the process is negotiable, it just accelerates how quickly you get into your new home.

As one of the most experienced mortgage lenders in Long Beach, some of the loans that I have had success closing quickly FHA,  Down Payment Assistance Programs, as well as fixed and adjustable rate Conventional up to $625,000 and 5/1 ARM, Interest Only, and Jumbo Loans up to 2,000,000 dollars.  Non-Owner Occupied and Rental Properties

Q: Do I have to put down a full 20% with your lenders or are there better options for me?

While 20% is a number we still hear quite frequently, you can quality for a home loan for as little as 3.5% down. The home loan lender may require you to pay higher interest on your loan so what we need to do is sit down together, talk about your goals, and determine which option is truly your best.

If you need a higher down payment to reach your goals you might consider tapping into your IRA or 401k, both eligible to be used for your down payment as you can withdraw up to $10,000 without penalty on your first home in CA.  Some retirement account serving companies even allow you to take out loans against your 401k to be used to put down a larger payment, up to $50,000.

Q: Will I have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI)? Which makes more sense, to pay it, or to put down a larger down payment or go with a different loan program?

I understand that your needs are unique and want to make sure to be able provide you with the best answer to guarantee your success while reaching for future goals. While PMI is sometimes necessary, there are conditions we need to review together that makes it less than cost effective. Many loans will cancel PMI after you have paid off a certain percentage of your loan, while others make you pay it for a minimum number of years. Remember that PMI does not go toward paying down the balance of your home, just to insure your loan if you default.


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